Why We Hate Men

Why We dislike or hate men ? 

When we dislike someone intensely it is usually said that we hate someone.
our detestation, distaste, hatred, resentment, aversion, abhorrence, ill will or ill feeling, bad feeling, abomination, execration, hostility, morbidity, detachment, distraction all are somewhere attached to the human feeling of hatred.
But the biggest question is Why? Why we do so? Why we dislike some one intensely? why we get hostile besides someone if we don’t like her/him? Why we resent and show our aversion through our gestures, or body language or just by avoiding them. ? or why we started taking revenge once we started hating someone? Why such exorbitant abomination & abhorrence. Why we had premonitions due to our ill will or ill feeling or bad feeling for someone? why we get morbid just because we get distracted due to the presence of someone?
There is no definite reply of this but a few reasons are :
· We are deeply attached to our genetic upbringing and since childhood we adopt it. we start hating anyone causing attack on such genetic or racial upbringing.
- When we first open our eyes we start learning from our parents, surroundings, people come to us with love and attachments, teachers, mentors, preachers, relatives & social people who frame our mind. When in real life we come across contradictions or the contradictory people and failed to get adjusting with them we start hating them. sometimes it is an anger on ourselves but burst out on others whom we dislike.
· Our society is well knit in such a form that from negative traits to neutral and from neutral to positive traits the whole human race is in between this line of extreme negative & extreme positive. So two person of opposite character, behaviour, attitudes can never be in harmony and they get started hating each other. more we proceed towards neutrality in attitudes, behaviour and character we get more and more adjustive and our resentments lessens and we hate less. But as we proceed the opposite direction our hate for opposite one increases.
· Similarly any person has it’s own belief for certain things existed in this world may be it is visible or not. but many people discard all such theories of existence and visibility as it is not proved and arbitrary. so people having firm believe in something start hating people having no faith or believe in their faith. Similarly Non believers started having hate for the believers. In all the religion such hatred & love has left it’s sign in past all around the world.
· Finally a few people are so notorious by their genes and bringing up that all the possibilities of making them social get in vain. Such futile actions of making them good ultimately create lot of frustration and gradually hatred for them.
Sometimes we are astrologically born with such planetary combinations & zodiac signs not amicable to each other due to their extreme distance or polarity. Astrology has a very deep rooted effect on our mind & body due to influence of other planets on us. So sometimes unknowingly we start hating each other when we are not amicable since birth.
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