Are you afraid of your Future

FAQ :- I am terribly afraid of My future,  What should I do ?

It is your “Morbidity” which is getting you in this situation. Morbidity is a type of “Unknown Fear” not generated or created out of anything bad or worse but exist in everyone sometime deep into the core of soul, sometimes on the superficial layers of heart and sometimes in the subtle plains of Mind. At different times and due to different reasons it comes out and disturb the day today life and day today activities.
Do you know why it all happened ?
1. Expectations from Life
2. Dreams Of Life
3. Ambitions of Life
4. Timidity in facing the failures.
5. Timidity in facing the challenges
6. Extra-Consciousness about oneself.
7. Hyper Sensitivities
8. Desperate attachment with Nature, Family, Society & World
9. Egoism to prove oneself
10. Last but not the least Non recognition of self.
Now you have to find out what are main reasons of your extra worry for your future all the time. Such attributes may be as mentioned above or may not be as said above.
Their may be many other factors depending upon your society, family and location. Just try to pen it down and see how you could come over it. Certain ideas I could give you but you are the best master of yourself. so just find it out and solve it
In my view you shall
1. Immediately start teaching teens up to graduate level and solve their varied problems after listening them with patience. You will get answer of your confusions many a times and your Self Confidence will be multiplied multifold and you will no more scared of your future.
2. Try to do Tours specially of religious places where you will get lot of answers of lot of unanswered questions yourself
3. Try to do Bicycling, Jogging with music in your ear and song on your lips.
4. Try to socialize with lot of people for some creative work, event managements, stage arrangements, social arrangements, festival arrangements, etc etc.
5. Try to correct your life routine, meditate, do some yoga, do some healing practice etc
6. Involve in some indoor and outdoor sports even at least for 1 hour
7. Do certain vocal training in Music, Instruments, Arts, Handicrafts
8. Do certain social service towards environment.
9. Whenever you get worried for your future try to count backward 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 just thinking that nothing is here which could disturb me.
And finally try to keep yourself busy in some homely work. Training and entertainment will go together and you will come out of such fear.



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